Education in Astronomy & Astrophysics

"How can you know so much about the Universe, just from a few dots in sky?" That is what it is all about in astronomy. The physical information contained in the light we receive from stars and distant galaxies provides answers to questions about exoplanets, the evolution of stars, the structure of galaxies and the origin of the Universe. Astronomy is a science where there is still a lot to discover: what do you think about dark matter, dark energy and the possible presence of life on other planets than Earth?

At the University of Amsterdam, the educational program in Astronomy & Astrophysics is organized by staff members of the Anton Pannekoek Institute, part of the Faculty of Science. The bachelor astronomy program is included in the 3-year Bachelor Physics & Astronomy (in Dutch): you follow courses in astronomy, as well as in physics and math. With a Bachelor Physics & Astronomy you can continue with the Master Astronomy & Astrophysics for another two years.