Phd Theses from other Universities

Author Year University Title
Bouwhuis, Mieke 2005 UvA Physics Detection of neutrinos from Gamma-Ray bursts
van Leeuwen, Joeri 2004 Utrecht Radio pulsars
Volten, Hester 2001 VU Light scattering by small planetary particles: an experimental study
Hoekstra, Henk 2000 Groningen A weak lensing study of massive structures: looking at the dark side of the Universe
Koopmans, Luitje V.E. 2000 Groningen A study of radio-selected gravitational lenses
Stam, Daphne M. 2000 VU The spectral distribution of polarized light emerging from the terrestrial atmosphere
van der Taak, Floris 2000 Leiden The embedded phase of massive star formation
Vink, Jacco 1999 Utrecht The spectral X-ray morphology of the supernova remnants Cas A, RCW 86, SN 1006
Hogerheijde, Michiel 1998 Leiden The molecular environment of low-mass protostars
Snellen, Ignas 1997 Leiden A population study of faint Gigahertz peaked spectrum sources
Verheijen, Marc A.W. 1997 Groningen The Ursa Major cluster of galaxies: TF relations and dark matter
Helmich, Frank P. 1996 Leiden Dense molecular gas around massive young stars
Portegies Zwart, Simon 1996 Utrecht Interacting stars
Tolstoy, Eline 1995 Groningen Modelling the resolved stellar populations of nearby dwarf galaxies
Falcke, Heino 1994 Bonn Starved holes and active nuclei: the central engine in galactic centers
Szomoru, Arpad 1994 Groningen Void galaxies
de Koter, Alex 1993 Utrecht Studies of the variability of luminous blue variable stars
de Vos, Marco 1993 Groningen Optical interferometry with SCASIS
Rottgering, Huub 1993 Leiden Ultra-steep spectrum radio sources: tracers of distant galaxies
Stark, Ronald 1993 Leiden Physical properties of interstellar cirrus clouds
in't Zand, Jean J.M. 1992 Utrecht A coded-mask imager as monitor of Galactic X-ray sources
Jenniskens, Peter M.M. 1992 Leiden Organic matter in interstellar extinction
van Haarlem, Michiel 1992 Leiden Velocity fields and substructure in the outer regions of rich clusters of galaxies
van Langevelde, Huib J. 1992 Leiden Radio astronomy studies of OH/IR stars in the inner Galaxy
van de Weygaert, Rien 1991 Leiden Voids and the geometry of large scale structure
Wieringa, Mark 1991 Leiden 327 MHz studies of the high redshift universe and the galactic foreground
Makjanic, Jagoda 1990 VU Carbon in chondrites: distribution and structure
Stammes, Pieter 1989 VU Light scattering properties of aerosols and the radiation inside a planetary atmosphere
van der Werf, Paul P. 1989 Groningen An HI study of HII regions and dark clouds
Vermeulen, Rene 1989 Leiden Multi-wavelength studies of SS 433
Jansen, Fred A. 1988 Leiden X-ray photometric morphology of the Cas A and Puppis A supernova remnants
Oosterloo, Tom A. 1988 Groningen Angular momentum in binary spiral galaxies
van der Veen, Wil 1988 Leiden Infrared studies of late stages of stellar evolution
de Haan, Johan F. 1987 VU Effects of aerosols on the brightness and polarization of cloudless planetary atmospheres
Paerels, Frits 1987 Utrecht X-ray spectroscopy and photometry of hot white dwarfs
Rutten, Rene G.M. 1987 Utrecht Magnetic actvity of cool stars and its dependence on rotation and evolution
Waters, Rens 1987 Utrecht Infrared studies of mass loss from hot stars
Bloemen, Hans 1985 Leiden Gamma rays from the interstellar medium
de Rooij, Willem A. 1985 VU Reflection and transmission of polarized light by planetary atmospheres
Barthel, Peter 1984 Leiden Radio structure in quasars
Bijleveld, Willem 1984 Leiden Groups and clusters of galaxies: radio and X-ray studies
de Cuyper, Jean-Pierre 1984 Vrije Universiteit Brussel Dynamical effects of supernova explosions in binaries
de Zeeuw, Tim 1984 Leiden Dynamics of triaxial stellar systems
van Dishoeck, Ewine F. 1984 Leiden Photodissociation and excitation of interstellar molecules: calculations and astrophysical applications
Windhorst, Rogier A. 1984 Leiden Faint radio galaxy populations: deep radio surveys and multicolor photometry
Doom, Claude 1983 Vrije Universiteit Brussel Extended mixing in massive stars
Klinkhamer, Frans R. 1983 Leiden Physics of the early Universe: applications of theories of elementary particles to cosmology at very high temperatures
van Leeuwen, Floor 1983 Leiden The Pleiades: an astrometric and photometric study of an open cluster
Heise, John 1982 Utrecht Some observational aspects of compact Galactic X-ray sources
Meurs, Evert J.A. 1982 Leiden The Seyfert galaxy population: a radio survey; luminosity functions; related objects
Tielens, Xander 1982 Leiden Physics and chemistry of interstellar dust
Verbunt, Frank 1982 Utrecht Mass transfer in stellar X-ray sources
Achterberg, Abraham 1981 Utrecht The acceleration and propagation of energetic particles in turbulent cosmic plasmas
de Pater, Imke 1980 Leiden Observations and models of the decimetric radio emission from Jupiter
Hermsen, Wim 1980 Leiden Gamma-ray sources
van Gorkom, Jacqueline H. 1980 Groningen Aperture synthesis observations of recombination lines from compact HII regions
Valentijn, Edwin A. 1978 Leiden Radio investigations of clusters of galaxies
van Albada, Geert D. 1978 Leiden The peculiar spiral galaxy NGC 4258: high resolution radio observations and their interpretation
van der Hucht, Karel A. 1978 Utrecht On hot and cool stars, spectroscopic investigations in the ultraviolet
Katgert, Peter 1977 Leiden Populations of weak radio sources
Lub, Jan 1977 Leiden The RR Lyrae population of the solar neighbourhood
Spruit, Hendrik C. 1977 Utrecht Magnetic flux tubes and transport of heat in the convection zone of the Sun
van der Hulst, J.M. 1977 Groningen The distribution and motions of neutral hydrogen in the interacting galaxy pairs NGC 4038/39 and NGC 3031/77
Israel, Frank P. 1976 Leiden Radio investigations of Galactic and extragalactic HII regions
Pel, Jan Willem 1976 Leiden A photometric study of Cepheids in the southern Milky Way
Rutten, Rob 1976 Utrecht Solar eclipse observations and Ba II line formation
de Korte, Pieter A.J. 1975 Leiden Spatial and spectral anomalies in the soft X-ray background
Dekker, Elly 1975 Leiden Spiral structure and the dynamics of flat stellar systems
Hoyng, Peter 1975 Utrecht Studies on hard X-ray emission from solar flares and on cyclotron radiation from a cold magnetoplasma
Kuijpers, Jan 1975 Utrecht Collective wave-particle interactions in solar Type IV radio sources
Lamers, Hermanus J.G.L.M. 1974 Utrecht Studies on the structure and stability of extended stellar atmospheres
de Jong, Teije 1972 Leiden Studies of interstellar molecules and grains
Tinbergen, Jacob 1972 Leiden Precision spectropolarimetry of starlight
Wesselius, Paul R. 1972 Groningen Neutral hydrogen in the solar neighbourhood
Bleeker, Johannes A.M. 1971 Leiden The diffuse X-ray sky
Swanenburg, Boudewijn N. 1971 Leiden Observation of cosmic-ray electrons with the OGO-5 satellite
Hovenier, Joachim W. 1970 Leiden Polarized light in planetary atmospheres
van Genderen, Arnout M. 1969 Leiden Two-colour photometry of Population I Cepheids in the Small Magellanic Cloud and a comparative study using similar observations in other stellar systems
Tjin a Djie, Herman R.E. 1968 UvA Physics Elastic and inelastic scattering of 25 MeV deuterons by nuclei
van Albada, Tjeerd S. 1968 Groningen The evolution of small stellar systems and its implications for the formation of double stars
Schadee, Aert 1964 Utrecht The formation of molecular lines in the solar spectrum
Pels-Kluyver, Helena A. 1954 Leiden Line intensities in the spectrum of RR Lyrae
de Jager, Cornelis 1952 Utrecht The hydrogen spectrum of the Sun
de Kort, Jules J.M.A. 1949 Leiden Photographic magnitudes of stars brighter than 7m.75 between +75 and +80 declination
Blaauw, Adriaan 1946 Groningen A study of the Scorpio-Centaurus cluster
van de Hulst, Hendrik C. 1946 Utrecht Optics of spectral particles
Oort, Jan H. 1926 Groningen The stars of high velocity
van de Kamp, Peter 1926 Groningen De zonsbeweging met betrekking tot apparent zwakke sterren
Minnaert, Marcel G.J. 1925 Utrecht Onregelmatige straalkromming