Wednesday afternoon colloquia

Upcoming colloquia

03 May 2017 Lia Corrales An X-ray View of the Dusty Universe
10 May 2017 Javier Garcia TBD
17 May 2017 Beth Biller TBD
24 May 2017 No Colloquium (NAC) No Colloquium (NAC)
31 May 2017 === reserved for Phil Uttley's suggestion === === reserved for Phil Uttley's suggestion ===
07 Jun 2017 Philip Moesta TBD
14 Jun 2017 Zoe Leinhardt TBD
06 Sep 2017 Richard de Grijs TBD
13 Sep 2017 Mickael Bonnefoy TBD
27 Sep 2017 Victoria Scowcroft TBD
04 Oct 2017 Leen Decin TBD
29 Nov 2017 Raymond Pierrehumbert TBD

Past colloquia

19 Apr 2017 Alexander Tchekhovskoy GRAPPA Seminar - Simulations of Black Holes the Astrophysical Laboratories
12 Apr 2017 Anders Johansen Forming planetesimals and planets in protoplanetary discs
29 Mar 2017 Elena Amato The physics of Pulsar Wind Nebulae in the light of 3D MHD simulations
22 Mar 2017 Matthew Kenworthy Looking for giant rings around a directly imaged exoplanet in 2017 - the bRing Project
15 Mar 2017 Stephen Pompea Effective Astronomy Public Engagement and Communication
08 Mar 2017 Marijke Haverkorn From Rorschach to Reality: gaining insight into the local interstellar medium through radio-polarimetry of Galactic synchrotron radiation
01 Mar 2017 Marat Gilfanov Problem of progenitors of type Ia supernovae
22 Feb 2017 Yuri Levin Measuring gravitational-wave memory with LIGO and Pulsar Timing Arrays
15 Feb 2017 Conny Aerts Hits from Space Asteroseismology: Stellar Evolution, Exoplanets, and Galactic Archeology
08 Feb 2017 Marcella Carollo How galaxies grow and die: Disk and Bulge Formation, Quenching and Environment
01 Feb 2017 Mikako Matsuura Dust and Molecules in SN1987A
25 Jan 2017 Wen-Fai Fong Chasing and Characterizing Electromagnetic Counterparts to Gravitational Waves
18 Jan 2017 Dainis Dravins Intensity Interferometry and Imaging of Stellar Surfaces
16 Dec 2016 Gerard van der Steenhoven Christmas Colloquium: Climate change — where science meets society
14 Dec 2016 Ann-Marie Madigan The Importance of being Eccentric
07 Dec 2016 Isabelle Grenier The gamma-ray view on interstellar gas and dust
30 Nov 2016 Shyeh Tjing (Cleo) Loi Exploring the near-Earth plasma environment using widefield radio interferometers
23 Nov 2016 Andrew MacFadyen Moving Mesh Simulations of Binary Black Hole Accretion and Relativistic Jets