Wednesday afternoon colloquia

Past colloquia

09 Nov 2016 Marten van Kerkwijk Pulsar Scintellometry: using the interstellar medium to elucidate where giant pulses arise.
02 Nov 2016 Raffaella Margutti Eruptions, Disruptions and Stellar Explosions: the biggest fireworks in our Universe
19 Oct 2016 Steve Shore The Classical Novae - soup to nuts
05 Oct 2016 Pratika Dayal The first billion years of galaxy formation
28 Sep 2016 Poshak Ghandi Getting down to the heart of AGN unification: Obscuring tori seen in infrared and X-rays
21 Sep 2016 Enrico Ramirez NOVA colloquium: Heavy element synthesis in the Universe
07 Sep 2016 Amina Helmi Testing the cosmological model with dark satellites and bright galaxies
20 Jun 2016 Chris Ormel Linking exoplanets to planet formation
15 Jun 2016 Ludmila Carone Towards better characterization of rocky and small gaseous exoplanets with 3D atmosphere dynamics and 3D chemistry
15 Jun 2016 Jayne Birkby A High-Resolution View of Exoplanet Atmospheres
14 Jun 2016 Min-Kai Lin Hydrodynamic processes in protoplanetary disks
13 Jun 2016 Amaury Triaud Earth within Nature
13 Jun 2016 Sascha Quanz Direct detection and characterization of extra-solar planets - from gas giants towards exo-Earths
08 Jun 2016 Doug Lin Planting seeds for gravitational wave generators around active galactic nuclei
01 Jun 2016 Pasquale Blasi From non-thermal particles to Cosmic Rays
20 May 2016 Douglas Currie Lunar Laser Ranging: Addressing Tests of Gravitation and General Relativity
11 May 2016 Pedro Russo Global Programmes in Astronomy Education and Public Outreach
04 May 2016 Paolo Mazzali Type Ib/c Supernovae and Gamma-ray Bursts
02 May 2016 Elena Pian Relativistic jets: an overview of recent progress
20 Apr 2016 Hans Walter-Rix How the Milky Way built its Disk
13 Apr 2016 Scott Trager WEAVE: Design, Status, and Science
06 Apr 2016 Paul Groot Dawn of gravitational wave astronomy
30 Mar 2016 Rubina Kotak Eruptions and explosions of massive stars: current enigmas and future prospects
23 Mar 2016 Saskia Hekker Asteroseismology of solar-like oscillators: recent results
16 Mar 2016 Nial Tanvir Short GRBs, kilonovae and gravitational wave sources
09 Mar 2016 Tal Alexander Dynamical relaxation and the activity and evolution of massive black holes
02 Mar 2016 David Reitze The First Observation of a Binary Black Hole Merger Through the Detection of Gravitational Waves by LIGO
24 Feb 2016 Katherine Alatalo Catching Quenching Galaxies: Following the Road Less Traveled to Galaxy Transformation
17 Feb 2016 James Guillochon Tidal disruptions of stars by supermassive black holes: dynamics, light, and relics
03 Feb 2016 Sterl Phinney Turning Low Mass X-ray binaries into Millisecond Pulsars and Back, Again and Again...