Wednesday afternoon colloquia

Past colloquia

13 Apr 2016 Scott Trager WEAVE: Design, Status, and Science
06 Apr 2016 Paul Groot Dawn of gravitational wave astronomy
30 Mar 2016 Rubina Kotak Eruptions and explosions of massive stars: current enigmas and future prospects
23 Mar 2016 Saskia Hekker Asteroseismology of solar-like oscillators: recent results
16 Mar 2016 Nial Tanvir Short GRBs, kilonovae and gravitational wave sources
09 Mar 2016 Tal Alexander Dynamical relaxation and the activity and evolution of massive black holes
02 Mar 2016 David Reitze The First Observation of a Binary Black Hole Merger Through the Detection of Gravitational Waves by LIGO
24 Feb 2016 Katherine Alatalo Catching Quenching Galaxies: Following the Road Less Traveled to Galaxy Transformation
17 Feb 2016 James Guillochon Tidal disruptions of stars by supermassive black holes: dynamics, light, and relics
03 Feb 2016 Sterl Phinney Turning Low Mass X-ray binaries into Millisecond Pulsars and Back, Again and Again...
27 Jan 2016 Frans Snik A polarized view of planetary atmospheres
20 Jan 2016 Francisco Prada Is there a hope of discovering new physics in the Euclid era?
13 Jan 2016 Nils Andersson Neutron stars as fundamental physics laboratories
07 Jan 2016 Jan A.R.A.M van Hooff New Year's Colloquium: "E=mc2 and the communicative ape"
11 Dec 2015 Jan P. Hogendijk X-Mas Colloquium: Mathematics and its applications in medieval Islamic civilization.
09 Dec 2015 Jarrod Hurley Black Holes and Binaries in Star Clusters
02 Dec 2015 Adwin Boogert The Icy Universe
25 Nov 2015 Natasha Ivanova Common Envelope Evolution
18 Nov 2015 Hilke Schlichting Crash, Boom, Bang: Giant Impacts & the Formation of Planets at home and abroad
11 Nov 2015 Laura Lopez Investigating the Symmetry and Progenitors of Supernova Remnants
28 Oct 2015 Christoph Weniger Diffuse GeV gamma-ray emission from the inner Galaxy: Observational status and interpretations
21 Oct 2015 Dan Coe Hunting the First Galaxies with Gravitational Lensing
14 Oct 2015 Edo Berger Short-Duration Gamma-Ray Bursts and the Electromagnetic Counterparts of Gravitational Wave Sources
07 Oct 2015 Matt Taylor The Rosetta mission: where we've been, where we are and where we are going
30 Sep 2015 Zeljko Ivezic NOVA colloquium: LSST: a color movie of the Universe coming near you!
23 Sep 2015 Cynthia Froning Probing Cosmic Origins: Ultraviolet Spectroscopy with the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph
09 Jul 2015 Niel Brandt Exceptional X-ray Weak Quasars and Their Implications for Accretion Flows, Broad Line Regions, and Winds
08 Jul 2015 Jack Lissauer Kepler's Multiple Planet Systems (NOVA colloquium)
13 May 2015 Tristan Guillot Internal structures and compositions of giant (exo)planets: From CoRoT to Juno
06 May 2015 Craig Heinke Using Thermal Emission from Neutron Stars to Constrain their Interiors