Wednesday afternoon colloquia

Past colloquia

11 Nov 2011 Myriam Benisty The innermost astronomical unit of protoplanetary disks
21 Oct 2011 NOVA colloquium: Markus Janson How do Most Planets Form?
14 Oct 2011 Olja Panic Structure and variability of the planet-forming regions in the disc around HD100546 probed with VLTI/MIDI
05 Oct 2011 David Cohen X-ray Emission from Single Massive Stars: Constraints on Wind-Shock Physics and Mass-Loss Rates
30 Sep 2011 René Goosmann Probing the close vicinity of black holes in (polarized) X-ray light
23 Sep 2011 Bennett Link Superfluid Turbulence in Neutron Stars
16 Sep 2011 Søren Larsen Star clusters as links between stellar and galactic astrophysics
13 Sep 2011 Jacco Vink Supernova remnants and the origin of Galactic Cosmic Rays
06 Jul 2011 Arjen Stap Master colloquium: Quantitative IR Spectroscopy of Massive Stars
06 Jul 2011 Ricardo Nicolas Caballero Master Colloquium: The Lifetime Problem of Ultra Compact HII regions and its Connection With High-Mass Star Formation
24 Jun 2011 Mike Garrett Unraveling the Nature of Hanny's Voorwerp
23 Jun 2011 Diego Altamirano Hysteresis: On the connection between Argentinian economy, a rubber band and accretion disks
23 Jun 2011 Peter Jonker X-ray binaries and recoiling super-massive black holes
22 Jun 2011 Phil Uttley Staring down the gravity well: how to decode compact object variability
22 Jun 2011 Jeroen Homan Rapid X-ray variability in black hole low-mass X-ray binaries - recent progress
17 Jun 2011 Elena Rossi Formation and growth of Supermassive Black Holes
10 Jun 2011 Elmar Koerding X-ray binaries: Miniature scale models of quasars?
30 May 2011 Felix ter Beek The mid-transit time of Exoplanet XO-2b
27 May 2011 Anthony Jones A Question of Survival: Dust Evolution in the ISM
13 May 2011 Erik Verlinde On the Origin of Gravity
11 May 2011 Tamas Budavari Bayesian Inference from Photometric Surveys
28 Apr 2011 Nial Tanvir Exploring early stars and galaxies with gamma-ray bursts
08 Apr 2011 Roberto Soria Radio louder and radio quieter microquasars
25 Mar 2011 Henk Hoekstra Weak lensing by large scale structure
18 Mar 2011 Ignas Snellen Transiting Exoplanets
14 Mar 2011 Misato Fukagawa Direct imaging of protoplanetary disks in scattered light
11 Mar 2011 Chris Martin NOVA colloquium: UV tracers of the Hidden Side of Galaxy Evolution
25 Feb 2011 Tom Maccarone Black holes and neutron stars in globular clusters
18 Feb 2011 Paul Groot No API colloquium (Defense Maciej Serylak), but Paul Groot is at IFTA
04 Feb 2011 Ryan Hickox The dark and the light: Black holes, dark halos, and their influence on galaxy evolution