Pizza lunch talks

The API pizza lunch talks are informal, weekly meetings where people give a half hour overview of their work (or perhaps a totally different topic), in an informal atmosphere. Pizza meeting is not a colloquium, but is intended to inform and stimulate discussion about the topic.

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Past lunch talks

The X-ray AGN Fraction and XRB-AGN Accretion Connections from Chandra and SDSS

Daryl Haggard — CIERA/Northwestern University

I will summarize two projects: (1) the field fraction of X-ray AGN (F_AGN) out to redshifts of z ~ 0.7, and (2) empirical connections between accretion in X-ray binaries and AGN.

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Wednesday 29 September 2010, 12:30

The weak wind problem in line-driven winds of massive stars

Lianne Muijres

Thursday 23 September 2010, 12:30. Location: A1.10

The maximum entropy method, with applications

Mihkel Kama

An outline of maximum entropy method will be presented and followed up with examples...

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Thursday 16 September 2010, 12:30. Location: A1.10

A guided tour of the new API website

Evert Rol & Martin Heemskerk

Join us on a whirlwind tour behind the scenes of the new API website

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Thursday 9 September 2010, 12:30. Location: A1.10

Single Pulse Search with LOFAR

Thijs Coenen

Thursday 1 July 2010, 12:30. Location: A1.04

Emacs 101: The Dired: One buffer to rule them all

Ken Anderson

Thursday 24 June 2010, 12:30. Location: C1.112

Dissecting Supernova Remnants: The Morphology of 3C58

Daniela Huppenkothen

Supernova remnants (SNRs) are one of the final stages of stellar
evolution. They present a diverse class of objects in terms of age,
morphology and metal abundances, and are thought to be an important
site of particle acceleration in the universe.

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Thursday 10 June 2010, 13:00. Location: C0.110

GRMHD theory of the supermassive accreting black hole Sgr A*: Assessing the influence of cooling processes and spin

Salome Rousselle

I will review the interesting properties of our Galactic Center.

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Thursday 27 May 2010, 12:30. Location: C1.112

Kinematic Properties of High Redshift Absorption Systems in AMR Simulations of Galaxy Formation

Yi-Jung Yang

Damped Lyman-alpha absorber systems (DLAs) are thought to be one of the best probes of structure formation in the early universe. They are the dominant neutral-gas reservoir for star formation at high redshifts.

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Thursday 20 May 2010, 12:30. Location: A1.04

The ADS: searching millions of references without breaking a sweat

Edwin Henneken — CfA, Harvard

Thursday 29 April 2010, 12:30. Location: A1.04