About the pizza lunch talks

General explanations

The API Pizza Lunch Club meets every Thursday from 12:30--13:30 in the coffee/common area.

The meetings have several purposes:

  • - To get to know each other's work in a pleasant atmosphere.
  • - To hear news and exchange ideas about interesting scientific topics.
  • - To let people practice talks in front of an audience.

Before the main talk an interesting new astronomy article from Nature or Science will be discussed, and a few minutes are spend on discussing it.

Contact point for the pizza lunch talks is:

Advice for Speakers

Every talk should be roughly 30 minutes (20 to 40 is OK), plus free discussion. The pizza meeting is not a colloquium, but is intended to inform and stimulate discussion about the topic. New, exciting, and controversial topics are encouraged.

Everyone (including staff, Ph.D., and masters students) will be asked to present something once per year. You can pick any subject that you find interesting. A successful presentation will help people understand:

  • - What is the topic and specific problem?
  • - Why is it interesting?
  • - What are the methods / ideas involved?
  • - What are the conclusions from this study?

Remember: Most of the audience is not familiar with your topic!

24/7 Lectures

The best talks give a clear summary of the basic concepts of a problem. One way to do this is to end your presentation with two summaries:

  1. A complete technical description in TWENTY-FOUR (24) SECONDS, and
  2. A clear summary that anyone can understand, in SEVEN (7) WORDS.

Nature News

Before the main talk, an interesting new astronomy article from Nature or Science may be discussed, and a few minutes are spent on discussing it.

We open this up to all APIs: if you spot a new interesting/groundbreaking/relevant/controversial paper or article in Nature, Science, Astro-ph, national news or astronomy journals and you'd like to present it yourself (a slide or two would be good), please e-mail our contactperson with the details by Wednesday (see top of page for an e-mail address). We encourage new articles that have an interesting, important and fairly simple result so that they can be discussed in a few minutes.