Phd theses at the Anton Pannekoek Institute

Defense date
T. Stolker
7 Sep 2017
Protoplanetary disks and exoplanets in scattered light (PDF) [159]
S.N. Rapisarda
28 Jun 2017
Mass accretion rate fluctuations in Black Hole X-ray Binaries (PDF) [158]
D. Carbone
21 Oct 2016
Exploring the Transient Sky: from Surveys to Simulations (PDF) [157]
D.M. Kiawi
9 Sep 2016
Infrared studies of astronomically relevant metallic clusters and their interactions with simple molecules (PDF) [156]
P.C.N. van Oers
6 Sep 2016
Exploring radio and jet physics across the black hole mass scale (PDF) [155]
T. van Putten
16 Feb 2016
Modelling the atmosphere of a magnetar during a burst (PDF) [154]
T. Bagnoli
4 Dec 2015
The Rapid Burster and its X-ray bursts: extremes of accretion and thermonuclear burning (PDF) [153]
R. van Lieshout
27 Nov 2015
Probing exoplanetary materials using sublimating dust (PDF) [152]
P.M. Bult
15 Sep 2015
Connecting the coherent and stochastic X-ray variability of accreting millisecond pulsars (PDF) [151]
O.H. Ramirez-Agudelo
4 Sep 2015
Properties of massive stars in the Tarantula Nebula (PDF) [150]
R. Andrassy
19 Jun 2015
Convective overshooting in stars (PDF) [149]
D. Antonopoulou
21 Jan 2015
Rotational glitches in radio pulsars and magnetars (PDF) [148]
T. Chousinho Khouri Silva
16 Dec 2014
Oxygen-rich AGB stars with low mass-loss rate observed with Herschel (PDF) [147]
O.E. Hartoog
10 Dec 2014
Spectroscopy of the environments of long gamma-ray bursts and their progenitors (PDF) [146]
F. Tramper
28 Nov 2014
The properties of low-metallicity massive stars (PDF) [145]
D. Huppenkothen
14 Oct 2014
A New Statistical Toolbox for Studying Variability in Fast Transients (PDF) [144]
I. Thaler
11 Sep 2014
Solar Surface Magnetism: Selected Topics (PDF) [143]
S. Broersen
10 Sep 2014
X-ray spectral analysis of non-equilibrium plasmas in supernova remnants (PDF) [142]
S. Dibi
1 Jul 2014
Studying MHD and radiative processes in Sagittarius A* (PDF) [141]
L.E. Ellerbroek
14 Mar 2014
Star Formation History Written in Spectra (PDF) [140]
A. Chiotellis
16 Dec 2013
The interaction of Type Ia supernovae with their circumstellar medium (PDF) [139]
M.N. Kalamkar
22 Nov 2013
Probing accretion flow dynamics in X-ray binaries (PDF) [138]
T. Coenen
20 Nov 2013
Searching for pulsars with LOFAR (PDF) [137]
M. Armas Padilla
1 Nov 2013
Subluminous X-ray binaries (PDF) [136]
Y.J. Yang
23 Oct 2013
Accreting Black Holes (PDF) [135]
P. Polko
3 Apr 2013
Exploring jet properties in magnetohydrodynamics with gravity (PDF) [134]
S. Drappeau
2 Apr 2013
The Ins and Outs of Emission from Accreting Black Holes (PDF) [133]
G.D. Mulders
8 Mar 2013
Radiative Transfer Models of Protoplanetary Disks: Theory vs. Observations (PDF) [132]
K. Leventis
28 Feb 2013
The Many Phases of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows (PDF) [131]
E.M. Ratti
15 Feb 2013
Observations and dynamical studies of X-ray binaries in a low-accretion state (PDF) [130]
M. Kama
29 Jan 2013
Young Intermediate-Mass Stars: from a HIFI spectral survey to the physics of the disk inner rim (PDF) [129]
Y. Cavecchi
10 Jan 2013
Accreting Neutron Stars: Strong Gravity and Type I X-ray Bursts (PDF) [128]
P.D. Meerburg
27 Sep 2011
Exploring the Early Universe Through the CMB Sky (PDF) [127]
C.R.M.X. D'Angelo
3 Mar 2011
Truncated accretion discs around stellar mass objects (PDF) [126]
M. Serylak
18 Feb 2011
Modulation properties of radio-emitting neutron stars (PDF) [125]
L.H.A. Scheers
20 Jan 2011
Transient and Variable Radio Sources in the LOFAR Sky (PDF) [124]
N.D. Degenaar
8 Dec 2010
Exploring subluminous X-ray binaries (PDF) [123]
G. van der Plas
7 Dec 2010
Warm gas in protoplanetary disks (PDF) [122]
D.J. Groen
16 Nov 2010
High Performance N-body Simulation on Computational Grids (PDF) [121]
L.E. Muijres
12 Nov 2010
The physics of line-driven winds of hot massive stars (PDF) [120]
J.N. Spreeuw
18 Jun 2010
Search and detection of low frequency radio transients (PDF) [119]
P. Soleri
11 May 2010
Accretion/ejection coupling in X-ray binaries (PDF) [118]
E.A. Rubio Herrera
4 May 2010
Galactic and extragalactic searches for pulsars and radio transients (PDF) [117]
V.M. Tudose
10 Mar 2010
Jets at different scales (PDF) [116]
H.J. van Eerten
26 Feb 2010
Gamma-ray burst afterglows: from jet simulation to light curve (PDF) [115]
R. Moll
28 Jan 2010
Magnetic acceleration and instabilities of astrophysical jets (PDF) [114]
R. Karuppusamy
13 Nov 2009
A study on giant radio pulses (PDF) [113]
A. Verhoeff
10 Nov 2009
Dusty disks around young stars (PDF) [112]
M. Linares Alegret
16 Sep 2009
Accretion states and thermonuclear bursts in neutron star X-ray binaries (PDF) [111]
A. Patruno
9 Jun 2009
Accreting millisecond X-ray pulsars, from accretion disk to magnetic poles (PDF) [110]
G.H. Janssen
25 Mar 2009
High precision radio pulsar timing (PDF) [109]
E. Gaburov
4 Nov 2008
Stellar collisions in young star clusters (PDF) [108]
D.M. Paszun
17 Oct 2008
Initiating planet formation: the collisional evolution of small dust aggregates (PDF) [107]
P.A. Curran
25 Sep 2008
Multi-wavelength analyses of gamma-ray bursts: Features of Swift GRBs and the blast wave model (PDF) [106]
P.R. den Hartog
21 May 2008
Non-thermal X-ray emission from Anomalous X-ray Pulsars (PDF) [105]
D. Altamirano
23 Apr 2008
Different manifestations of accretion onto compact objects (PDF) [104]
H.B.J. Koers
21 Sep 2007
The astrophysical herald: neutrinos as probes for particle physics and astronomy (PDF) [103]
J. Meijer
19 Sep 2007
Theoretical studies of the infrared emission properties of proto-planetary disks (PDF) [102]
K. Wiersema
13 Sep 2007
Delving into the dragons den: the host galaxies of gamma-ray bursts (PDF) [101]
A.J. van der Horst
7 Sep 2007
Broadband view of blast wave physics: a study of gamma-ray burst afterglows (PDF) [100]
P. Weltevrede
16 Mar 2007
The modulation and propagation of the radio emission of pulsars (PDF) [99]
R.S. Schnerr
7 Feb 2007
Magnetic fields and mass loss in massive stars (PDF) [98]
M.B.N. Kouwenhoven
28 Sep 2006
The primordial binary population in the association Sco OB2 (PDF) [97]
A. Gualandris
12 Sep 2006
Simulating self-gravitating systems on parallel computers (PDF) [96]
N.L.J. Cox
9 Jun 2006
Diffuse interstellar bands and interstellar carbon chemistry in the Galaxy and beyond (PDF) [95]
M.R. Mokiem
27 Apr 2006
The physical properties of early-type massive stars (PDF) [94]
A. van der Meer
9 Mar 2006
X-ray and optical spectroscopy of high-mass X-ray binaries (PDF) [93]
E. Gallo
23 Sep 2005
Relativistic jets from stellar black holes (PDF) [92]
S. Migliari
21 Sep 2005
Disc-jet coupling in neutron star and black hole binaries (PDF) [91]
M. Min
12 May 2005
Optical properties of circumstellar and cometary grains (PDF) [90]
C. Dijkstra
23 Nov 2004
Silicates and Water Ice around Evolved Stars (PDF) [89]
R.J.H.M. van Boekel
21 Oct 2004
High Spatial Resolution Infrared Studies of Proto-planetary Disks (PDF) [88]
M. Klein Wolt
30 Sep 2004
Black Hole X-ray Binaries (PDF) [87]
A. Bik
27 Sep 2004
The stellar content of high-mass star-forming regions (PDF) [86]
S. van Straaten
22 Apr 2004
Timing Similarities among Accreting Neutron Stars (PDF) [85]
J. Braithwaite
8 Apr 2004
Stable and unstable magnetic fields in stars (PDF) [84]
E. Rol
29 Jan 2004
The Physics of Gamma-ray Burst Afterglows (PDF) [83]
A. Lenorzer
14 Jan 2004
Near-infrared spectroscopic analysis of hot massive stars (PDF) [82]
J.D.M. Dewi
28 Mar 2003
From Be/X-ray binaries to double neutron stat systems (PDF) [81]
S. Hony
25 Oct 2002
Infrared light on the composition of the dust surrounding carbon-rich stars (PDF) [80]
C.L. Neiner
23 Oct 2002
Pulsation, rotation, wind and magnetic field in early B-type stars (PDF) [79]
F. Kemper
4 Sep 2002
Mass loss and dust formation around oxygen-rich evolved stars (PDF) [78]
P.M. Vreeswijk
12 Jun 2002
Gamma-ray burst afterglows and the nature of their host galaxies (PDF) [77]
G. Drenkhahn
11 Jun 2002
Magnetically Powered Gamma-Ray Bursts (PDF) [76]
J.L.J. Cami
10 Jun 2002
Molecular gas and dust around evolved stars (PDF) [75]
M.G. Witte
12 Dec 2001
Tidal evolution of eccentric binaries (PDF) [74]
P.G. Jonker
19 Oct 2001
Probing low-mass X-ray binaries with X-ray timing (PDF) [73]
J.L.L. Voute
9 Oct 2001
The many shapes of Giant Pulses, Radio pulsar research at WSRT (PDF) [72]
J. Bouwman
25 Sep 2001
The processing and evolution of dust in Herbig Ae/Be systems (PDF) [71]
B. Deufel
6 Jul 2001
On the Origin of the Hard-X-Ray Spectra from Neutron Stars and Black Holes (PDF) [70]
D. McDavid
29 May 2001
Polarimetry of Early Emission Line Stars (PDF) [69]
G.A. Nelemans
28 Mar 2001
White dwarfs, black holes and neutron stars in close binaries (PDF) [68]
J. Homan
14 Mar 2001
X-ray timing studies of low-mass X-ray binaries (PDF) [67]
F.J. Molster
15 Jun 2000
Crystalline silicates in circumstellar dust shells (PDF) [66]
J.A. de Jong
8 Feb 2000
On the origin of cyclical variability in the winds of massive stars (PDF) [65]
P.A. Zaal
12 Jan 2000
Observations and analysis of early-type stars at infrared wavelengths (PDF) [64]
T.J. Galama
8 Dec 1999
Gamma-Ray Burst afterglows (PDF) [63]
P.J. Groot
7 Dec 1999
Optical variability in compact sources (PDF) [62]
C. Schrijvers
16 Nov 1999
Spectroscopic diagnostics of pulsation in rotating stars (PDF) [61]
J.Th. van Loon
23 Sep 1999
Mass loss and evolution of asymptotic giant branch stars in the Magellanic Clouds (PDF) [60]
M.E. van den Ancker
14 Sep 1999
Circumstellar material in young stellar objects (PDF) [59]
R.A.D. Wijnands
16 Feb 1999
Millisecond phenomena in X-ray binaries (PDF) [58]
M.A. Fluks
1 Dec 1998
A study of the fundamental properties of M-giant stars (PDF) [57]
F. van der Hooft
20 Oct 1998
X-ray and optical observations of black-hole X-ray transients (PDF) [56]
J.M. Smit
20 May 1998
Neutrino transport in core-collapse supernovae (PDF) [55]
R. Stehle
3 Nov 1997
Magneto-Hydrodynamics of Mass Accretion in Close Binary Systems and Protostars (PDF) [54]
L.B. van den Hoek
10 Apr 1997
On the chemical and spectro-photometric evolution of nearby galaxies (PDF) [53]
J.H. Telting
29 Oct 1996
Be-star discs and non-radial pulsations in rotating stars (PDF) [52]
R.C.A. van Dijk
28 Jun 1996
Gamma-ray observations of X-ray binaries with COMPTEL (PDF) [51]
D. de Winter
3 Jun 1996
Observational aspects of Herbig Ae/Be stars and of candidate young A/B stars (PDF) [50]
S.B. Howell
11 Dec 1995
Photometric Observations of Faint Cataclysmic Variables (PDF) [49]
T. Oosterbroek
13 Nov 1995
Spectral and Time Variability in Black Holes and Neutron Stars (PDF) [48]
A.J.M. Piters
3 Nov 1995
ROSAT All-sky survey observations of normal stars (PDF) [47]
E. Kuulkers
28 Mar 1995
EXOSAT observations of Z sources (PDF) [46]
T. Augusteijn
29 Nov 1994
Optical observations of close binary systems with a compact component (PDF) [45]
P. Goudfrooy
3 May 1994
Dust and Ionized gas in Elliptical Galaxies (PDF) [44]
M.H.M. Heemskerk
22 Feb 1994
On Gaseous Discs around Stars (PDF) [43]
M.H. van Kerkwijk
1 Nov 1993
The mass of Vela X-1, the nature of Cygnus X-3, the character of Be stars (PDF) [42]
L. Kaper
29 Sep 1993
Wind variability in early-type stars (PDF) [41]
M.A.T. Groenewegen
28 Sep 1993
On the evolution and properties of AGB stars (PDF) [40]
O.R. Pols
21 Sep 1993
On the evolution of massive close binary stars in stellar populations (PDF) [39]
J. Cote
10 May 1993
Formation and mass loss of Be-stars (PDF) [38]
J.S. Nichols
30 Jun 1992
Observational evidence of binary Wolf-Rayet star evolution (PDF) [37]
S. Slijkhuis
13 Feb 1992
On the properties and evolution of proto-planetary nebulae (PDF) [36]
S.J. Hogeveen
20 Dec 1991
The mass-ratio distribution of binary stars (PDF) [35]
R.A.M.J. Wijers
19 Sep 1991
On the properties and evolution of binary and single neutron stars (PDF) [34]
W.H. Penninx
19 Dec 1990
X-ray and radio studies of low-mass X-ray binaries (PDF) [33]
A.C. van den Broek
25 Oct 1990
A study of extreme IRAS galaxies (PDF) [32]
J. Cernohorsky
22 Oct 1990
Neutrino driven neutron star formation (PDF) [31]
E.M.F. Damen
7 May 1990
A study of X-ray bursts with EXOSAT (PDF) [30]
S.F. van Amerongen
1 Feb 1989
Long-term optical studies of cataclysmic variables (PDF) [29]
E.H.P. Pylyser
23 Sep 1988
The evolution of low-mass close binary systems with a compact component (PDF) [28]
M. de Kool
3 Jun 1987
Models of interacting binary stars (PDF) [27]
G.M. Stollman
15 Apr 1987
Studies of accreting and non-accreting neutron stars (PDF) [26]
F.J. Willems
18 Mar 1987
Infrared studies of asymptotic giant branch stars (PDF) [25]
H.J. van der Woerd
23 Jan 1987
A multiwavelength study of superoutbursts in dwarf novae (PDF) [24]
R.J. Slagter
17 Dec 1986
Primordial high-frequency perturbations in cosmology (PDF) [23]
G.M.H.J. Habets
3 Apr 1985
Advanced evolution of helium stars and massive close binaries (PDF) [22]
M.B.M. van der Klis
2 Feb 1983
Studies of X-ray binary systems (PDF) [21]
L.J. van den Horn
1 Dec 1982
On the relativistic kinetic theory of neutrinos in stellar collapse (PDF) [20]
W.H.M. Boland
29 Sep 1982
Models of molecular clouds (PDF) [19]
Th.J. van der Linden
30 Jun 1982
Close binaries and stellar evolution (PDF) [18]
H.F. Henrichs
2 Jun 1982
Massive stars and X-ray pulsars (PDF) [17]
J.P. Vader
17 Jun 1981
Evolution of stellar systems (PDF) [16]
P. Hut
3 Jun 1981
Some problems in classical mechanics and relativistic astrophysics (PDF) [15]
R.F.A. Staller
19 Sep 1979
Space distribution and physical properties of cool dwarf stars (PDF) [14]
E.J. Zuiderwijk
20 Jun 1979
Optical studies of massive X-ray binaries (PDF) [13]
M. Arens
4 Oct 1978
Partial ring currents and cosmic ray magnetic cutoff rigidity variations (PDF) [12]
G.C.M.J. Hammerschlag-Hensberge
30 Nov 1977
Optical and ultraviolet studies of X-ray binaries and magnetic stars (PDF) [11]
G.J. Savonije
21 Sep 1977
Some aspects of evolution and mass transfer in X-ray binaries (PDF) [10]
W. Sutantyo
1 Oct 1975
Some aspects of the evolutionary history of X-ray double stars (PDF) [9]
J.A. van Paradijs
19 Mar 1975
Studies of line spectra of G- and K-type stars (PDF) [8]
D. Koelbloed
3 Jun 1953
Line spectra of some giant and dwarf K-type stars (PDF) [7]
J. Weenen
12 Oct 1949
Over Be-sterren en de bouw en samenstelling van Wolf-Rayet-sterren (PDF) [6]
Th. Walraven
17 Mar 1948
The line spectrum of delta cephei (PDF) [5]
G.B. van Albada
31 Oct 1945
Een onderzoek van lijnintensiteiten in eenige sterspectra van het tweede type (PDF) [4]
S. Verweij
8 Jul 1936
The Stark effect of hydrogen in stellar spectra (PDF) [3]
N.W. Doorn
22 Mar 1929
Absolute intensiteitsmetingen in het spectrum van chromosfeer en corona der zon, gedurende de totale verduistering op 29 juni 1927 (PDF) [2]
J.J.M. Reesinck
17 Dec 1926
Onderzoekingen over delta cephei en over het cepheidenprobleem (PDF) [1]